CRG STUDIO - Graphic Design - Web Development - High Quality Printing


In today’s technology based and information oriented visual world companies need an advantage to help them rise above the competition and make an impression.  CRG Studio’s mission is to help small businesses and organizations get noticed.  We strive to develop attractive, striking designs and marketing campaigns to incorporate a focus message and give our customers an edge.  We blend technology with creativity to position our clientele to succeed.


Our vision is to empower those that choose CRG Studios to compete in a fast paced world’ and to become their marketing arm so that work is produced efficiently, professionally and increases return on investment.

Our mascot is represented by a seahorse with butterfly wings.  This logo was actually developed quite easily because it represents the core of who we are

  • Blending two worlds together i.e. old and new strategies, creativity and technology, art and function
  • Creating a whole new species i.e. as true graphic designers we do not use templates and always provide our clients with a totally custom product, which competitors will envy.
  • No limits i.e. as the butterfly-seahorse is not limited to the land, sea or air so our skills are not limited to just design, print or web - we do it all.